Not a whole heck of a lot to report today. Josh Gitlin, one of my co-workers, showed me a site he’s been working on a lot lately. It’s got some really nice, cool features.

My brother-in-law Michael Mercer and I were going to play Gears of War this evening, but a friend of his had a spare ticket to the Carolina game tonight so he went to that instead. Can’t say that I blame him. That game is actually on right now. Carolina was down ten point early against Pennsylvania, but Penn started turning the ball over just about every possession. With five minutes left they’re up 81-56. I was ragging Carolina’s defense earlier this season, but they’re doing much better with it now. I hate them. I hate them so much. I’m sure Michael’s having a great time.

Amanda’s downstairs watching In Her Shoes. Andra had told Amanda the movie reminded her of her (Andra) and Erin. (They’re my two sisters, in case anybody reading this doesn’t know. That is, in case anybody’s reading this at all.)

The Carolina fans just went wild over a dunk and a foul. Being up 25 points, I think it’s a little excessive. It annoys me that with three minutes left the Tar Heels are still going at the basket hard instead of running down the clock. A few days ago they were up against somebody by another large margin and they dunked on a fast break in the final minute of a game. I think Carolina is tacky for doing that. You don’t see Coach K doing that. I could understand if the game were remotely close, but 32 points up and your starters are still playing? Come on, Roy.

Zach Dotsey