For some odd reason I’ve been wanting to play SimCity 4 lately, so I loaded that up last night and played it for a while. I played it for a while longer than I was planning to. Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired today.

Work was pretty busy. I feel like I’m so far behind on getting back in touch with people. I’m trying though.

Amanda got home and went straight to making enchiladas. I worked until about 6:00 then started picking up. The house wasn’t dirty or anything; it just needed some minor seeing to. I also moved a bunch of things out of the guest room (Green Grandma Room) closet. Camping supplies I put in the storage space behind the master closet, leftover tile I put out in the shed, games and boxes of old photographs of Amanda’s I put up on the closet shelf.

For small group tonight we had dinner. Amanda, of course, made enchiladas and corn. Elliot and Melissa Clark brought a dessert made of oranges, angel food cake and whipped cream. Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner brought some drinks and chips, salsa and sour cream. We had a nice time all talking together and such. We finished dinner a bit too late to get to our study, but I think it was a good reconnecting night. Elliot might come over Saturday to watch Duke start ACC conference play against Virginia Tech. Everyone else will probably come over Sunday night to watch the Eagles and the Giants. HDTV, baby.

Adam called today. He was with Renee, who was buying a car. I guess her parents got rid of her car when she went to France. They should be here sometime tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to having them around for a few days, but man will this house be crowded. Five people, five cars, two cats, a dog and a coati mundi. Tsota (the coati mundi- Google it if you don’t know what one is) will be confined to a cage the whole time though. Adam and Renee are sticking around until they can get into an apartment. We’ll have to get some more controllers for Michael’s Nintendo Wii. Michael, by the way, will be back sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

After everyone left tonight we watched The Office and Scrubs. While going through our DVR list Amanda noticed that Firday Night Lights had been recorded at 2:00AM last night. We can’t quite figure out why this show, which we enjoy and has received critical praise but I’m not sure how it is on the ratings, does not need to be pushed back to 2AM. If anything, it should have just been delayed a week, since so many people will now have missed an episode.

Zach Dotsey