Work was VERY busy toady. For small group we did a study on Mike Ashcraft’s lesson at Port City Community Church this past week, as opposed to finishing up a video series we were doing. We all got a lot more out of the freer-flowing discussion. I think it was a very good small group night. We talked a bit about how we got to where we were and some expectations we have out of it, as well as some of the struggles we face. All that was sort of off topic, but it really helped, I think.

Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson (I just found out that she hasn’t yet changed her name- she may hyphenate it) got here a little early, so I showed Elliot Nintendo Wii Sports. We boxed, played tennis and shot a little golf. That was actually the first time I’d played the golf game.
After everyone left we watched The Office and My Name is Earl. Dwight Shrute left on The Office, but I really doubt he’s going to stay gone. On My Name is Earl they told a single story from the perspective of a few of the main characters. Yes, that’s been done, but I thought it was good. They each had their own intro that mimicked the show’s opening.

Zach Dotsey