We started the day off like most Saturdays.  Amanda slept a little later than usual, and instead of getting on up I just watched her for a few minutes and pet Bruce.  After we got going, I went downstairs to discover Adam watching Rome, which I thought was a nice alternative for children on Saturday mornings.  Amanda made waffles and eggs for everyone.

After breakfast Amanda and Renee watched Phantom of the Opera while Adam and I attempted to get a game of StarCraft going, but we kept running into trouble with his installation.  Adam finally got it working, but by that time Michael and I were out passing the football and we were all (except Michael, who stuck around to either watch or go to the UNCW game; he ended up doing the former) about to head to the beach anyway.

It should be noted that today is January 13th, and we were going to the beach.  The temperature was in the 70’s today.  Sure we all wore pants and light jackets, but there were people out there who probably weren’t uncomfortable in shorts and t-shirts.

Amanda and I drove in the Jetta with Bruce, Adam and Renee drove in Renee’s new car with Tsota.  They got to Anna and Barry’s a few minutes after us.  Surprisingly, there was nobody in the driveway.  Kirsten was home by herself- Hannah was out doing whatever she does and Anna and Barry were on the beach.  Kirsten, we found out last night, had broken her foot on a trampoline and nobody realized it for a few days.
We ran into Anna and Barry Frazelle, Amanda’s aunt and uncle, on the beach.  We talked to them then walked up past the Oceanic pier and back to the tip of the island, getting stopped every fifteen feet or so by people wanting to know what Tsota was.  She’s a coati mundi, for the record.  Related to the raccoon, as Adam told people.  She was getting so much attention that Bruce got very little, which is uncommon given his uncommon cuteness, but one little girl walked over to him and started petting him.  It was cute- she was maybe a little older than our nephew Jackson.

When we got back Adam and Renee and Tsota took off to go look at an apartment, which they ultimately got.  Amanda and I hung around la casa Frazelle for a while.  Barry and I biked up to Trolley Stop for some hotdogs.  It was cool talking with him.  G. Barry Frazelle, DDS is a pretty cool guy.
As we were heading back to the house the sun decided to hide behind some clouds and it got a little cooler, so everyone went inside.  I saw that the Carolina-Virginia Tech game was still on, which was surprising to me since I thought it had come on earlier.  I turned the game on and to my surprise, Va Tech was up by six!  On top of that, they ended the half up ten!

We left shortly after that and made it home in time to watch the rest of the game with Michael.  I was overjoyed when Virginia Tech got up to a twenty-two point lead!  I called my friend and fellow Duke fan Jason Revill, which Michael thought I was doing to rub it in (though I wasn’t, so I went upstairs for my phone call) and we were both pretty hyped up on it.  Unfortunately, while I was talking to Jason the Tar Heels decided to go on a bit of a run and brought the game to within three points.  It was an admirable, really impressive effort, but Virginia Tech pulled off the upset on the number one in the nation Carolina Tar Heels!

See, what’s so great about this is that Carolina and Duke have so far this year played only two of the same teams- Gonzaga and Virginia Tech.  Carolina lost to both of them.  Duke beat Gonzaga and lost to Virginia Tech, but when Duke lost to Virginia Tech the game stayed close for pretty much the entire time, even going into overtime.  That bodes well for my Duke Blue Devils.

Later on we finally watched Little Miss Sunshine which was, of course, a great movie.  I really like Steve Carell.  I think this movie showed another side of his acting ability.  Really everyone in it was terrific.  I don’t feel like writing a long review though.  I have to get up early tomorrow.  Directing at Port City Community Church.

Zach Dotsey