I didn’t enjoy work a whole heck of a lot today. I got stuck editing a list of 315 people with six different attributes (that’s 1890 different bits of information) that needed to be parsed out to go into a database, on top of everything else I do in the day. I like the guy I was doing the work for, but the work put a cloud over my head.

Amanda and I caught up on Saturday Night Live and two episodes of Smallville tonight. Ahh, Smallville. It’s hard to tell if they’re going back into the whole Clark-Lana think since they brought it all up, but Lana accepted Lex’s marriage proposal. Well, it is a WB (sorry, CW now) show. I actually kind of liked the episode where Clark got together with Aquaman, Impulse and Cyborg. It was cheesy and over the top at times, but I think they could actually do a series based on that. Although the guy who plays Aquaman, seriously he needs to work on those acting chops.

Other than that we watched American Idol. Amanda went to bed after that. She hasn’t been feeling great all week. Neither has Michael for that matter. He was in bed by 11:00. I spent the evening playing College Hoops 2007. I put real names to the Duke and UNCG players (I planned on playing UNCG in the Legacy mode) then created a Rougemont State team and started the Legacy mode of the game. I couldn’t find my Rougemont State and UNCG didn’t seem to be available, so I decided to coach my wife’s alma mater, Campbell University.

Zach Dotsey