I’m not very good at College Hoops 2007. I lost terribly in the team scrimmage and I decided to play the first game, against Coastal Carolina, as the coach. I was tired and fell asleep while I did that though, so I’m pretty sure I lost that. I vaguely remember turning off the Xbox 360 before going upstairs to bed.

I met with Scott at The Connection today. I think it was a pretty good meeting- it’s good to sit and talk about things sometimes. After that we interviewed a guy who might help out on sales. I then met Amanda for lunch at J. Michael’s Deli, picked up some comics while waiting for my paycheck to be cut, got said paycheck, went to the bank and picked up cat food.

I’m feeling pretty rundown today. My live-in brother-in-law, Michael Mercer, stayed home today because he wasn’t feeling well. Amanda hasn’t been feeling very well all week. I think my fatigue stems from whatever’s ailing them, the weather, my negative feelings about yesterday’s data entry, and the fact that we lost a client I like today. Long story short, they still like us but I think we all failed to communicate fully and that lead to some failed expectations. There’s a bit more to it than that, but there are apparently no hard feelings and they went out of the way to say they really like me personally and that it was a hard decision to make.

Tonight was not a good night. Michael has been feeling sick all week and has what he thinks is an ulcer that’s hurting his mouth. Amanda’s had headaches all week and then tonight I spent most of American Idol in the bathroom. I went up there one time and Amanda paused the show for me. The second time I went up I told her to just go ahead with it. Not fun.

Zach Dotsey