Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, thinks it’s not fair that I don’t have tooth problems. In all honesty, I brush everyday, but sometimes when I’m tired I don’t brush at night. I do try to floss regularly though, and I sometimes use mouthwash. Michael thinks it’s unfair because he discovered he had a cavity yesterday, went to get it checked out today, and found out that he needs a root canal. In all fairness though, I don’t generally eat a bunch of snacks before I go to bed. And I have genetically healthy gums.

Other than that, work wasn’t bad today. It was steady and the phone was off the hook for a while, but it wasn’t bad.

I saw Amanda for about five minutes after she got home from work. Michael and I went to the UNCW-George Mason game tonight. We left a bit early so I could stop by the bank (right across the street from UNCW) and we ended up being there about a half hour early, after we got in. It turned out that I didn’t need any money anyway because a lady checking tickets had been given a spare ticket by someone who had an extra and she gave it to me. On top of that, when we went in through the students’ entrance (free for Michael) they were giving out t-shirts. How cool, huh? Free ticket and a free UNCW t-shirt. The front says “Feel my teal” and the back has some info about tonight’s game, so it’s not something I plan to wear out a lot or anything.

Michael was supposed to meet a couple friends there, but they never showed up, or at least we never saw them. We sat in the students’ section, which was loud and fun. George Mason, as some may recall, made a Cinderella trip to the Final Four last year (even beating the Tar Heels), so everyone was pretty charged up for the game. It stayed close throughout the whole game with a tie at the half. The Seahawks ended up leading for probably half of the second half and pulled away enough towards the end for the victory. I think it was eight points or so. It was really fun. I was reminded that I wanted to go to more games and I thought how fun it will be when I have a kid to take them to games.

It was freezing tonight, by the way.

When we got home Amanda was about to get ready for bed. Michael was watching Monday Night Raw, which I haven’t watched in quite some time so we watched that then played a little Call of Duty 3 on Xbox Live.

Zach Dotsey