My brother, Adam Dotsey, came over for a haircut this evening. I should start charging him and Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, for buzz cuts. While Adam was over he watched this week’s episode of Rom (I watched it during lunch yesterday.) There was a distinct overabundance of phallus and homosexual anal sex in this week’s episode. He borrowed season one of The Office and went on back to his place.

Other than that the day and evening were pretty quiet. Amanda and I watched Friday Night Lights and American Idol. After Amanda went to bed Michael and I played Gears of War along with his friend Chris Flowers and a friend of Chris’s.

By the way, I’ve often been muddled as to whether the possessive form of a word like Chris is spelled Chris’ or Chris’s. Apparently either one is correct, so I’ve decided to go with how I say it.

Zach Dotsey