Today was an exciting day. No, really it wasn’t. It was quite uneventful. Work was work. We caught up on some TV.

One thing I did that was a little different was that I took the mortgage check to the bank. Normally I mail it off, but it’s the only bill I ever mail anymore, since I do all the rest online. Since there’s an RBC (through whom we have our mortgage) no more than half a mile away I decided to just take it there.

Also, Michael was going to go to a small group connection for 20-somethings. He decided that it would be more important to watch Carolina decimate Miami in a game that everyone knew was going to be a beatdown then to go out and meet some like-minded people. On the positive, he did go to a friend’s house to watch it. It was a guy named Chris. Not the Chris we play Gears of War with, but another one.

Zach Dotsey