I met Scott Hendrix and Tim Henrich at The Connection today. We talked about all kinds of things. Scott’s moving to Raleigh next week. Tim will be around Wilmington I guess until August at least.

Amanda brought home some Chinese for all of us. I ate some sesame chicken and white rice while she and Michael had those, some dirty rice and I think some shrimp. Then we did the unexpected- we watched TV! We watched this week’s Studio 60, My Name is Earl, The Office and then Michael and I went to his room to watch Duke play Virginia. We did that because we were recording two shows on the living room TV, so the channel would have to be on one of them if it was turned on. Amanda went on to bed.

Duke had as much as a 13 point lead in the first half. Then they played way too much stall ball and stopped playing offense so Virginia could chip their lead down to tie it up at the end of regulation. Duke decided it might be fun to only score on free throws for the final nine minutes of the game, and as a result they lost. I was pretty angry. I went into it knowing Duke could lose, but close games are sometimes tougher to take than ones that aren’t close. There are so many what-ifs you can play with.

I blame Michael. While I was finishing up work for the day Michael made Carolina decorations for Bruce out of paper and tape, including a patch he taped to Bruce’s polo shirt, a collar and a hat. He even made bracelets for him, but couldn’t get those on. Bruce actually looked sad. On top of that I played him in College Hoops 2K7 and got killed both times at it. That had put me in a bad mood already. It was just so frustrating to suck so much at a game.

Speaking of Bruce, when I went into the closet today to get a shirt I heard a rustling from behind a rack of Amanda’s clothes then Bruce walked out, like he was revealing himself to me. It was somehow very cute. I thought he might like to get back in bed, which is where he spends most mornings, so I put him there but he jumped back down and went back behind Amanda’s clothes to hang out for a while. When I told Amanda she told me that Bruce had hidden a bone back there.

Carolina Wheaties BoxOn The Devil’s Den, the Duke message board where I spend too much time, there was a thread talking about an upcoming Wheaties box featuring the Tar Heels. In the same discussion a thread was brought up about Carolina’s “five” national titles. In honor of it, I came up with the Photoshopped gem of a Tar Heels Wheaties box you see there. The picture of Tar Heels Coach Roy Williams humping a sheep on the back of a motorcycle was an image someone else had come up with, but it makes me laugh all the time so I thought it’d be a nice one to put on there. It got a pretty good response.

Zach Dotsey