My boss, Scott Hendrix, stopped by the house for the first time today while on the way out of town with the family. They’re moving to Raleigh, spurred by a new job for his wife. He dropped off some papers and a post office box key. I’ll be checking it a couple times a week until he has something set up near his new home.

Other than that, not much to report today. Oh, my brother, Adam Dotsey, got a new job. Something IT related. I found that out from our baby sister, Andra, who called today. I knew he was going in for the interview, but I hadn’t heard the results. Adam was scheduled to start training at the O’Charlie’s at Monkey Junction. He wasn’t totally looking forward to another restaurant job, but he needed something to hold him over. I’m glad for him.

I caught up on some of the shows I have on the DVR that Amanda doesn’t watch tonight, most notably Extras. I only caught a few episodes from last season and I had thought about not returning to it, but I’m glad I did. I think we need to take a long hard look at Ricky Gervais and ask what it is about him that lead him to create the two most cringe inducing shows on television. When David Bowie turned away from him in one episode and started playing the piano, making up a song right there on the spot belittling him and his circumstances, it just twisted everything inside. I felt so bad for him. And then of course there’s The Office.

Zach Dotsey