Work was crazy busy today. Someone would call then I’d get another call right as I was about to hang up with the person I was on the phone with, but I never seemed able to end the previous call quick enough, so I would have to call the second caller back, if someone else didn’t call me in between. That seemed to happen a couple of times today. On top of that, Scott’s busy moving so he’s not available to do any kind of maintenance work.

Adam came by the afternoon to watch Rome from Sunday. I know some time was supposed to have passed, but the guy they have playing a slightly older Octavian looks absolutely nothing like the previous one.

I’m very excited about tomorrow’s Duke-Carolina game. I’ve been very nervous about it, but I have a good feeling in my gut.

I realized this morning that I really like my current morning schedule. I get up, get on the elliptical while watching whatever is on the History Channel, eat a bowl of cereal, take a shower then get myself a cup of green tea. It just all feels good, like I’m doing something.

I met Amanda at the Volkswagen place. There’s a ding in the window that we want to see about fixing before it spreads, and since the weather is finally supposed to be nice tomorrow we can drop it off. (I talked to Aunt Robbie while I was waiting on Amanda- Grandma Edberg, who I believe raised Mum Mum after she was orphaned, is moving from Baltimore to somewhere in Texas- Austin, Houston? at the tender age of 97 to stay with her nephew and his wife, who are something like 78 and 74.) After we dropped off the Jetta we swung by Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, which we used to do every Tuesday. We took it home and caught up on CSI: Miami and Law & Order: SVU.

Zach Dotsey