Work has been very busy this week.

So the general feeling among Duke fans (or at least Jason, Elliot and most of the people on The Devil’s Den) is much like my own concerning last night’s loss to Carolina- nobody’s as upset as they thought they’d be. The Blue Devils played very well. They came out and punched the Tar Heels in the nose and gave a really good show. If they can play with that kind of intensity for the rest of the season we’ll be alright. Hell, we could even make a decent run in the tournament, I think.

Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Denning, had sent him a text message last night asking the score of the game. Now, this is something to note for a couple of reasons. The first and most obvious is that last year sometime she told Michael that she’s a bigger Carolina fan than he is, her reasoning being that she actually was attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Obviously, if she was a bigger fan, she wouldn’t be missing what is the biggest game of the year so far. The other important thing to note is that she was hanging out with a guy (who doesn’t have a TV). A Marine, Michael later told me. He told me he was pretty much okay with it. I respect Marines, but I’ve met a lot of them that, well, I wouldn’t want a girl I know to date. Some of them tend to be hot-headed, blustery and full of themselves. That is not to say by any means that I think most of them are like that, I’ve just seen a lot that are.

Moving on, we didn’t have small group tonight. Kristen’s mom was diagnosed with meningitis, so she and Rob took off to see her. Elliot called and told me that he had to head to Raleigh for work and was staying there overnight, but Melissa was still planning on coming. When we told her Rob and Kristen’s situation, she figured she’d just take care of some stuff around the house. The discussion associated with this week was sort of filler anyway I think, and we had a good discussion on Saturday when we all got together.

Of course Sarah ended up watching the end of the game, so she missed all the great parts where Duke was beating Carolina.

Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in a hotel today. Since I doubt anyone will remember her after a number of years, she was a Playboy model turned pseudo-actress turned ditzy reality TV show star. She really came across as unintelligent and addled. She had a son who died a few months ago and she had a baby five months ago. Apparently nobody is really sure who the daddy is. In this, I mostly feel sorry for the baby. She’ll know nothing of her mom but what was on TV, and that was no role model. I’m sure she’ll be canonized in the media.
We watched the return episode of Lost tonight. It was decent, but for some reason didn’t leave me fully satisfied. Fortunately, they’re airing the rest of the season without reruns, which will help ameliorate hard feelings for being off the air for so long.

Zach Dotsey