Today was one of those Fridays. I had five work phone calls before 9:00 and it didn’t really let up from there. With my boss, Scott Hendrix, moving to Raleigh and all that goes along with it, we’ve been a bit undermanned at work this week. I met with Tim Henrich, our production manager, at The Connection around noon. I wanted to get up there earlier than that, but I just wasn’t able to get away. We discussed strategies for where to take the company and things that needed to be done. After that I picked up my paycheck, went to the bank, went across town to the company post office, came back to my house to fill out paperwork for the checks we received and then deposited that money. By that time my day was almost done, so I did a little more work then played some Oblivion on the Xbox 360.

While I was out Michael Mercer, my live-in brother-in-law, went home to Richlands for the weekend, accidentally closing Bruce in his bedroom. Bruce was happy to be let out. Amanda got home and we were both exhausted from our days. We watched some TV, ate sandwiches and the like for dinner then she went on to bed. Not a terribly exciting day, but I’m looking forward to not doing a whole lot tomorrow.

I was talking to my friend Jason Revill today and at some point the conversation turned to Anna Nicole Smith. Of course, like I said, some people are eulogizing about what an inspiring rags to riches story she was. (She was a stripper who married a rich really old guy and inherited his money. Hey, if a really old guy wants to spend his last years with a blonde with giant boobs, more power to him. It’s not like he didn’t know what he was getting into, right?) Anyway, Jason summed up her life thusly: “Anna Nicole Smith; you showed us your tits, and we were appreciative.” I said that sounded like a great opener for a eulogy.

While flipping around on the TV we came across The Empire Strikes Back… in Spanish. I wanted to see what Darth Vader sounded like in Spanish, so we watched it for a bit. We actually ended up watching the last twenty minutes or so, in Spanish. My favorite parts were when Darth Vader told Luke, “Luke, yo soy tu padre,” and, “Eso es tu destino.” Luke no le gusta.

Zach Dotsey