The day started out with the usual routine- elliptical, cereal, shower, tea. I was chugging along pretty well, feeling good that I’d gotten so many support things taken care of yesterday. Amanda’s grandma, Peggy Lemons, called and asked if we’d like to join them for lunch, as Earl (Amanda’s grandpa) was going to see his “diabetic doctor” (no, the doctor didn’t have diabetes, that’s just how she phrased it) today. Amanda was going to be too busy catching up from yesterday and Michael was going to be in class, but I said I’d join them. Amanda’s aunt, Anna Frazelle, was going too.

I got a call from someone who wanted to have a meeting today. We worked it out to meet at Bear Rock Cafe, which is at the mall, where I was going to meet everyone for lunch anyway. I had a good talk with the client. He’s a guy who has seen Scott in various daily hangouts- Bear Rock, The Connection, this or that Port City Java, and wanted to see about putting something small together. I enjoyed talking to him- he’s also an amateur photographer and a basketball fan (although he pulls for the wrong shade of blue).

After that, since I was running a couple minutes behind in meeting Earl, Peggy and Anna for lunch, I drove my car to the other side of the mall. I happened to see Peggy walking in as I was walking towards the mall so I started jogging, but then I heard a beep. Earl had dropped his wife off and was going to park the car, so I jumped in and walked back with him.

We all had a nice lunch. Earl always insists on paying, but I gave him back a couple extra dollars of change. I had a steak and cheese sub with some very healthy cheese and ranch fries. I figure I’ve been pretty good lately, might as well splurge just a bit.

From the time I got back up until almost 7:00 I was pretty slammed. I talked to two clients in the last official half hour of work who needed some important things done, so I worked on those for a while. At the same time I had to finagle some tricks with our newsletter server and, without going into detail, it was a smidge of a stressful way for me to end the work day.

Amanda ordered Papa John’s and brought me up a beer. Adam came over so I could print off his Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend, Renee Sikes. When he got here I had Mom and Dad on the phone. We’ve got plans for them to come to town for my birthday, which is also my dad’s. Since Adam’s is a week and a half after mine, maybe we’ll celebrate all of them at once.

After I finished up some work Adam and I watched Rome. Then Amanda and I watched CSI: Miami. On last week’s CSI: Miami, Agent Eric Delko got shot. It looked like he was dead at the end of the episode, but they showed him in the preview for the next one, so last week we figured he wouldn’t die. As we were getting set to watch Monday’s episode we saw in the episode info “A team member dies.” We were both sort of shocked- not really that they’d kill off Delko, but that they’d put that in the info. SPOILER ALERT (not that anybody reads this site who would care): Delko dies for about a minute before they are able to resuscitate him. They did kill off a semi-regular recurring bad guy though. I kinda liked him.

While this was going on, Virginia Tech was playing a close game against UNC. I’d have watched that game, but we started watching tonight’s American Idol. There are so many commercials in that show that we did end up catching up to the live program. I missed the last couple minutes of it though (not that I was overly engrossed anyway- I was mostly coloring in Photoshop on the tablet PC I’m borrowing from Tim Henrich) because the basketball game was very tight in the final minutes.

On the American Idol subject, there were a couple people Amanda and I were both hoping would go to the next round. One was a guy with a really long beard and another was a fat kid with curly hair. They both seemed to have really cool personalities. The bearded guy didn’t make it, but the fat kid did. Go fat kid!

Back to Virginia Tech and UNC. That game went into overtime then Virginia Tech pulled out an 81-80 victory at the Dean Dome. It was a sweet, sweet moment, and that means that Virginia Tech sweeps Carolina this year. Good for them! That puts UNC squarely tied for second place in the ACC with Virginia Tech and Virginia. Now, if only Duke can pull out a victory in an away game at Boston College….

Zach Dotsey