Busy day.

I took Bruce to Dineen Animal Hospital for a checkup. He needs to lose a pound or two.

On the way home from the vet I called Amanda and we discussed our Valentine’s Day plans, of which we had none. She asked if she still needed to pick me up a gift and I told her I still hadn’t gotten anything, but I was thinking about picking up The Departed, which just came out on DVD. She said to go ahead and pick it up as a gift from her, and to pick up another one for her from me. I ended up getting her The Devil Wears Prada. For dinner we had pizza. It was very romatic. Michael went to a UNCW basketball game. They lost.

Duke played tonight too. My Blue Devils had a pretty big run, but the game got close towards the end. I’m all about playing the stall ball when you can pull it off, but this team has shown time and again that they can’t. The problem seems to be that they start it too quickly and then end up taking a hasty shot at the end of the shot clock, without having a really clutch shooter. So they end up missing and giving the other team a chance to come back. Anyway, Duke beat Boston College, completing a sweep of the Eagles for the season. Hooray!

Zach Dotsey