My oldest friend, Jason Revill, had me Photoshop a picture of his face for use on t-shirts and coffee mugs about a week ago. He came up with a few new t-shirt ideas for me to help him out with since he found a website that allows you to upload your own ideas and sell them, which is pretty cool.

Work wasn’t as heavy today as it has been lately. It was bearable. I spent a bit of time going to the post office and doing some banking for work. There were so many checks to deposit that I had to use two deposit slips, and I noticed after I’d left the bank that they didn’t count all of it. I’ll have to check on Monday, but I’m sure at some point through the system they’ll find the mistake.

We watched The Devil Wears Prada tonight. It actually wasn’t too bad. After that we I played the demo for a game called Crackdown. I downloaded it via Xbox Live a few days ago but just finally now dcided to check it out. Crackdown was the brainchild of the same guy who did the Grand Theft Auto games, and it’s a lot like those except you’re sort of a super cop who gets stronger and tougher the more you play. It’s a blast. The most fun to me is jumping up buildings and going rooftop to rooftop. It’s a very open demo, limited only by the places you can go and, once one of your attributes gets up to level two, the time is limited to half an hour. I’m going to have to get it, I think.

Zach Dotsey