Today was a usual Saturday morning in getting ready and Brucey Cuddle time, however we didn’t end up going to Cracker Barrel this morning. I wasn’t in the mood for a big breakfast, so we went to the Atlanta Bread Company instead, which we haven’t been to in a while. On the way there Amanda saw a sign for Macy’s which was going out of business. Today was the last day it would be open and everything was 70-80% off. We went there after breakfast to see if they happened to have any thousand thread count sheets which they did not. Instead we got a four shirts (one for me, one for Amanda’s brother Michael and two for Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer) and bras and a duvet cover for the downstairs bedroom. The duvet cover was originally $270. We came away spending less than $100 for everything.

After that we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies for tomorrow. Amanda’s parents, aunt and uncle and cousins are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Karen’s (Amanda’s mom’s) birthday. Amanda’s fixing a big lunch for the occasion.

I also picked up a disc cleaner to try to fix my copy of Oblivion for the Xbox 360. When I put it into the gaming console it doesn’t recognize the disc in my machine, but it works on Michael’s. I tried calling Xbox directly the other day but they’re convinced I moved the Xbox while the disc was in and scratched it. Since this is the second time I’ve had a game stop working, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a problem with my console.

Anyway, we spent much of the rest of the day cleaning up. Seems like that’s what weekends are for. I talked to my youngest sister, Andra Dotsey, while I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom. She and her finance Josh Sawyer and their kid, my nephew Jackson, are planning on coming here the weekend of my birthday. I also got a message tonight from Erin, my other sister, saying she was planning on being here then too. I guess that’s the good thing about having a bunch of birthdays all close together like that- my dad and I have the same birthday and my brother Adam’s is ten days later, which is also my Aunt Reggie’s birthday. Makes it eay to get together to celebrate a few things at once.

Amanda and I caught up on a bit of TV. Well, we watched House then she watched Heroes from this past week (she’d gone to bed early Monday night) while I took care of a sick feeling in my stomach. Amanda’s stomach was a bit upset too, so either we had a problem with the milk (we’d both had cereal earlier) or something from Atlanta Bread Company was disagreeing with us.

Amanda flipped around the stations after Heroes and settled on What a Girl Wants. I was happily sketching in Photoshop, so I didn’t really care what was on. At 9:00 I figured I’d let her keep watching that in the living room and joined Michael in his room to watch Carolina play at Boston College. When I told him why I was watching the game in there he told me he’d like to date Amanda Bynes (who stars in What a Girl Wants). I told him good luck with that. Michael Mercer & Amanda Bynes. I wonder if it would be weird for him to date a girl with his sister’s first name.
The game was pretty good, although Carolina lead for all but a possession. In the first half Jared Dudley got called for his third foul because Tyler Hansbrough lost his balance and the referee thought there was contact. I’m not one to generally wine about such things, but with the momentum BC had at the time, I think it was a pretty major bad call. UNC went on to win.

Zach Dotsey