Everyone came over this afternoon: Earl and Peggy Lemons; Phil and Karen Mercer; Barry, Anna, Hannah and Kirsten Frazelle. Everyone on Amanda’s side of the family anyway. Michael already lives here, of course. Everyone came over for Karen Mercer’s birthday get-together. Her actual birthday is Wednesday.

This was Hannah’s first time seeing our house. We’ve picked on her about that over the last nine months or so since we’ve been here.

Amanda made a lot of food, including her cheesecake. Michael and I sat at the kids’ table with Hannah and Kirsten because it was right next to the TV and we wanted to watch the Duke and Georgia Tech game. Duke had a nice little win. Throughout the thing I was trying to show Hannah how I’d gotten Amanda into basketball. I just wanted to make sure Michael didn’t negatively affect her attitude towards Duke. It’s bad enough that her parents went to Chapel Hill, but at least they don’t care about sports. (And they were there with Michael Jordan!)

Zach Dotsey