Today was a bit of a catch-up day at work. We’ve been so far behind as of late with Scott being out of commission. Without Scott, Tim, our production manager, is left doing a lot of minor programming work that I’m not capable of. That puts him back on everything else he does, and that puts me back on getting quotes out to people and getting things finished. Anyway, with a lot of people off work today, it allowed me to catch up some.

Michael and I went to Electronics Boutique to put money down on a pre-order of the video game Crackdown, which comes out tomorrow. For some reason my Xbox 360 has decided not to play Oblivion anymore, although it works fine on every other Xbox it’s been played on. So I took that back for some credit, and Michael traded in a bunch of games he doesn’t play anymore and got a whole lot of store credit.

I fixed dinner tonight. I think it’s the first time I’ve done that since Valentine’s Day. Of last year. And it was just Hamburger Helper. Still, dinner was just about ready by the time Amanda got home, so that counts for something. She took Bruce out for a walk while I finished it up.

We also got the DVR completely caught up tonight! Well, I’ve still got some of those Sopranos episodes left to watch, but it’s free of everything else now.

Zach Dotsey