I worked at The Connection for a little bit this morning. I then went by the bank to check on the deposit error from Friday and they assured me that everything would be fine. I also swung by and picked up my copy of Crackdown, which I ended up playing on Co-op later on with Michael until kinda late.

Scott was told last week that he had a touch of pneumonia. He found out that it’s spread and is now full-blown and he’s not taking to the antibodies very well. If he hasn’t shown any improvement by next week they’re going to send him to a specialist. Hopefully everything’s okay.

Tonight was the first American Idol with the twenty-four finalists. It was the guys’ night, and, well, I think it might be a down year for American Idol if the male performances are any indication. A few were alright, but none were really great. Amanda’s pre-favorite, Phil, was arguably the best of the night and he went last. He’s the one whose daughter’s birth he missed while at the audition. (She was born early.)

Zach Dotsey