Computers piss me off so much sometimes. I noticed the internet was running slow, so I copied everything I wrote for today just in case there was a problem posting it. Sure enough, there was a problem posting my day’s writings, so I hit back and hit paste, but for some reason it hadn’t copied the text!

So since it’s late now, I’m just going to go with a quick summary:

I saw a link today to one of the most gut-wrenchingly painful sports injury videos I’ve ever seen. It was one where Shaun Livingston of the LA Clippers goes up for a wide open layup and, on landing, snaps his knee. I mean his lower leg folds up right up to his hip, to the outside. It’s nasty. I had to make sure to hold down my Frosted Mini Wheats.
I worked at The Connection, interviewed an intern who will look at our systems and try to streamline them, make it more sales-efficient and give us feedback through non-web desinging eyes.

I went to the post office to mail off a CD for a client that I’ve been meaning to mail off for probably a week now.

I did a lot over the last day or two to catch up on work.

I got a call from Joey Palieri today, which is a nice side effect to giving my sister, Erin, referrals for her financial consulting. Joey’s gone back to school and plans to possibly go into psychology.

When Amanda and I took a walk with Bruce today, one of the girls in the cul-de-sac who pet him yesterday pet him again. When I told her his name she reminded me that we had gone by there “lasserday.” It was cute. She reminds me a little of one of my cousin Jeff Cherryholmes’ daughters; Aubrey.

We started watching American Idol but got tired of the commercials at the first break, so we recorded it and watched CSI: Miami from last night. We finished all of that show and still were able to almost catch up to the live part of American Idol by fast forwarding through all the crap and commercials.

The American Idol guys did much better tonight than they did last week, as a whole. Amanda bribed me into voting for a few guys. I ended up voting for Phil Stacey, Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. Admittedly, she didn’t ask me to vote for all of them, but I threw in a couple extra phone calls anyway.

After Amanda went to bed I split time between watching the Tennessee Vols beat up on last year’s nation champion Florida Gators and playing Gears of War with Michael Mercer and Chris Flowers. I think Florida was down by as much as thirty, but they clawed their way back to within eight or so before losing by ten. Joakim Noah, Florida’s big star, didn’t even have a basket until under twelve in the second half.

After the game was over I just played Gears (instead of switching back and forth between rounds). I had a few decent games but I didn’t do as well as I did last night overall. I also downloaded the demo for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 and played the multiplayer portion with Michael. I’ve always liked Ghost Recon games, and this wasn’t an exception. Not sure if I’ll buy it or not though.

Hopefully my posting will work this time.

Zach Dotsey