Yup. It sucks. I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d have been. I guess it just wasn’t a huge surprise to me that Maryland beat Duke at Cameron tonight. Maryland was just the better team. Duke’s senior nights haven’t been to impressive these last two years. Hopefully, hopefully they can pull something out against the Tar Heels this Sunday for my birthday. Of course, last time I asked for a good Duke win over Carolina for my birthday, Shelden Williams and JJ Redick lost their last game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

To top off everything else, the game started late due to UConn and Villanova having a close game before the Duke game. That’s one thing that bothers me about ESPN- a lot of times you miss the beginning of one game because they schedule them two hours apart when you usually need ten or fifteen minutes more than that. The first five minutes of play in Duke-Maryland was cut off.

Another thing I hate about ESPN is the 30 at 30, a thirty-second news update they play during games. They shrink down the game you’re watching and cut the audio to give news flashes about things they’re going to be talking about on SportsCenter. Totally unnecessary and sometimes you miss exciting plays. It’s just annoying.

Another thing I hate about ESPN, and this one only applied to tonight, is that they kept having technical difficulties at the end of the game. The picture went out, so they put up a stat screen and tried to do radio-style commentary. Unfortunately, Dick Vitale, whose enthusiasm I generally enjoy, wouldn’t shut up to let, Mike Patrick was it? be heard. This happened twice- once with about two minutes left and once with about twenty seconds left.

I do like that they show so many Duke games though.

But another thing I hate about ESPN is that you have to pay extra for the HD version of the station. I already paid extra for a hi-def TV and for hi-def service, so why should I have to pay an extra $5 a month to get a station I only watch two, maybe four hours a week in high definition?

So, on to the rest of the day. Rob Peterson let us know that, due to it being Kristen Barriner’s birthday tomorrow, the two of them would not be attending small group. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it’s been a month since we’ve met and Amanda and I have been frustrated at the apparent lack of priority. I won’t get into it too much here. They’re friends, you know. We did end up meeting Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson at the Port City Java over by Henry’s though. Elliot has a work presentation tomorrow night, so we all got together. We talked about making more of an effort to meet more consistently and then had a pretty good discussion on this past week’s message.

Other than that, I worked at The Connection again today. It’s been a nice change of pace, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it tomorrow or not. I met with an existing client of ours who has a new project she’s working on.

Scott Hendrix, my boss, is feeling better now. Unfortunately though, his youngest daughter has pneumonia now. They were at the doctor all day yesterday. Last I heard she’s doing alright for now, but if she gets any worse they’re going to have to take her to the children’s emergency room. Pneumonia’s not good for a ten month old.

Before we met with Elliot and Melissa we went to McAllister’s for dinner.

I’m skipping all over the place tonight, chronologically speaking.

Zach Dotsey