Hotcha! As if to make up for last night’s loss, Carolina lost tonight at Georgia Tech tonight. The Tar Heels started off with 7-2 I think. The Yellow Jackets got up to a 14 point lead but in the second half the lead hovered around 7-10 or so. Carolina pulled within five I think, but couldn’t pull ahead. I was nervous, but Michael Mercer, my Tar Heel fan brother-in-law had given up with about twelve minutes left in the game. The only thing that worries me about the loss is that Carolina will be more fired up for Duke on Sunday, my birthday (and my dad’s).
Happy 24th birthday Kristen Barriner!

I didn’t work at The Connection today- the first time all week.

Michael left a light on his his car overnight so his battery was dead. He took my car to grab a late lunch. I was going to jump his car, but I had given my jumper cables to Amanda when we discovered her cables were old and frayed. I suppose I should get some new jumper cables. Anyway, after Adam and Renee came by for a trim (Adam’s got Reserve duty this weekend) and Amanda got home, I showed him how to do the cables. It took a few minutes for the car to get enough charge, but it eventually jumped. When he went out to charge up the battery I went with him so I could pick up some dinner from Subway.

Adam seems to be really happy with his job. I’m glad for him. In other Adam and Renee news, she had to walk to where he works from UNCW today. Her car, which she has been parking in visitor parking near the UNCW campus, was towed today.

There was a tornado warning (or watch, I always get them mixed up) tonight. Despite some absolutely beautiful weather earlier today, it was very windy and rainy out there tonight.

Zach Dotsey