So it turns out that Tyler Hansbrough’s nose was broken a little bit indeed. Seems like I’ve heard nothing at all today except about how Gerald Henderson is a thug and Coach Krzyzewski has no class. I got pretty burned out on it after a while. Just about everyone in the media was throwing them under the bus, and the thing is, if there hadn’t been any blood it would have just been called a regular foul.

Whatever. Like I said, I’m tired of it.

A friend of mine, I won’t say who but I wanted to mention it just because it is a pretty big thing, has fallen on hard times. He’s afraid he might get kicked out of his apartment. I really wish I could help him out.

In other news, Andra and Josh left around 11:00 this morning. Prior to that, when Josh hadn’t gotten up yet and Andra was in the shower, Jackson wanted me to play with him, but I was on the phone with a client. I felt bad about that and even told Scott I understood his inability to work with a two-year-old around. When they were actually leaving though, Jackson was a bit tired. Erin tried to get him to hug and kiss her, but he wouldn’t even go into her arms. She tried teasing him and playing with him and everything, but he kept pushing her away and saying “No!” He played with me though. A hug and a kiss, laughs and everything. We did get him to play with her some when I ran around with him chasing Erin with him trying to kick her in the butt. I like being the favorite uncle.
They left, I got back to work. When Amanda got home we went for a walk then did some financial talk with Erin and actually did something with it this time.

Erin ordered a pizza (we all had a little) and we watched some TV: How I Met Your Mother and Heroes. We spent a bit of Heroes explaining to Erin who did what and how they were connected. She liked it enough that she asked if we had any of it recorded or if there were any episodes On Demand (which we do not and there were not). When Amanda went to bed we watched last week’s 30 Rock and Scrubs.

Scrubs I felt a little odd about. It was a flashback episode, and it was fun placing the different segments. I really liked the fact that they called themselves out on the fact that it was a flashback episode and JD’s comments about a song by The Fray playing in his head (“No, not that Fray song”) during a flashback was just genius for some reason.

And Dr. Cox shaved his head. I approve of that, because it was getting a little too styled.

I also watched Rome, but I don’t think Erin got into that. It is a bit of a convoluted show if you don’t know what’s going on.

Zach Dotsey