If I were an entertainment reporter, that would be my headline as pertains to the guys on American Idol tonight. A couple of them did well- notably the two Chrises. Amanda’s early favorite, Phil, didn’t do too well. Actually, he started off rough but I liked the second half of his song. A few of the others did okay, but they just didn’t pull off their songs or didn’t bring enough energy. Overall the guys just didn’t impress me tonight. The first week they weren’t very good, last week they stepped it up, this week they took a step back.

I still can’t believe neither Randy, Paula nor Simon recognized a 311 song. Seriously?

In a press conference today, Tyler Hansbrough said he didn’t think Gerald Henderson meant to hit him. A lot of other people have come around to that way of thinking. So, if Gerald Henderson didn’t mean to hit Tyler Hansbrough, then he wasn’t fighting, so he shouldn’t have been ejected, so he shouldn’t have to sit out a game.

I have to admit that Tyler Hansbrough handled the press conference pretty classily. When asked if he had ever been hit as hard as that before, he quipped, “On or off the court?”

I got to do a lot of sales stuff taken care of today, but I’m still not as caught up as I’d like to be. Scott’s able to work more now, which is very helpful.

I didn’t eat much of anything today. I just wasn’t very hungry.

Erin spent a bit of the day looking up 401K information for me and Amanda. Apparently neither one of us had any of the 401Ks we’d ever signed up for stick around. I’m not totally sure how any of that worked out, but it sucks. Erin left shortly after Amanda got home. She was going to stay with her friends Sam and Dickie then leave town tomorrow.

Dave Matthews was on House last night. I tell ya, Greg House is a terrible person. In tonight’s episode everybody found out that he had cancer and worked their asses off to try to figure something out for him. Once they realized there was an error in his diagnosis, House admitted that he had faked it in order to have an experimental treatment to get a drug fix. He faked cancer to get some drugs. Pretty despicable huh? What I like about that is that House, aside from being this big brilliant doctor, really has not one redeemable characteristic. I wonder how many people realize this.

Zach Dotsey