I started off the day seeing an e-mail threatening legal action because a client thought we hadn’t done any work on a site, when in fact the site was done but they hadn’t gotten the e-mail we sent back in November. Turns out that we’ve had trouble sending e-mail to AOL accounts from our ticketing system and they never got the message. So instead of calling and asking about the progress in the last four months, they tell us that we don’t have good customer service and that their lawyers are good ones. I almost wished lawyers had been called, just so I could show them the entry in our ticketing system.

Of course, once all was explained they actually apologized, which I thought was cool of them.

Other than that, we watched some TV. The American Idol girls performed better than last night’s guys, but I don’t feel as much of their personalities. I could not watch that show this season, but I think Amanda’s hooked so we’ll keep on watching.

Amanda went to bed after American Idol. I stayed up and started watching The Dark Ages, a History Channel documentary about… The Dark Ages. I liked it and thought it was very well produced. Unfortunately I started falling asleep, so I figured I’ll finish watching it tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey