Spring forward, fall back. So we lost an hour of sleep overnight, but we went to bed earlyish. Well, earlyish to me at about 11:00. So we got up, went to church, ate at Salt Works and went home with the intent to pick up Bruce and go back out to the beach. Instead though, we walked around the yard talking about things we want to do to it. After being outside for a while we decided to just wait around and watch the ACC Tournament.

A few minutes after halftime Carolina was up to, I think, fifteen points. NC State never let up though, and they got to within three, I believe it was (maybe even one point- can’t remember). They just couldn’t pull ahead though, and with the fouls and such at the end, Carolina was up seven with a second left to play.

Then they did that thing that pisses me off. Ty Lawson ran uncontested down the court and dunked the ball. The clock read eight seconds. I hate that. I was already upset that the Tar Heels were going to win the 2007 ACC Tournament, but that “exclamation point” was entirely uncalled for and classless. The Wolfpack players had already acceded the game. Really, what an assholish thing to do. There was a loud booing when it happened. Amanda was pretty indignant about it too. I mean, here’s a #10 seed who played four straight days of tough games, fought to come back and make the score respectable, and there’s a useless dunk with under a second left when the game is already in the bag.

I was in such a bad mood after that. It was good timing to get out to the beach, so we got Bruce and headed back out to Wrightsville again. Bruce was a bit laggy today. I think he might have been tired from yesterday’s walk still.

On our way back from the beach we talked to Michael. He was on the way back from Richlands himself and he got in shortly after we got back to the house. We all watched the tournament bracket coverage. Carolina’s a one seed in what could be a tough region and Duke is a six seed, which is the high end of what some people predicted for them and the ACC got seven bids. After that we watched The Departed. Well, Michael was messing around on his laptop and wasn’t paying attention. He didn’t stay for the whole thing. But Amanda and I watched The Departed.

Amanda went to bed not long after that and I decided to play Crackdown. Michael joined me and we soon made up a new game- Crackdown Soccer. There’s an indoor arena/track in the northern part of the Los Muertos Island. We took a blown up Agency SUV and the idea was to kick it through your opponent’s goal, which was designated as the entrance and another doorway straight across from it.

The rules are that you have to kick the vehicle, and you can throw stuff at your opponent, use grenades and machine guns, and you can fire up to three rockets or missiles throughout the entire game. It was actually a lot of fun.

In a variation of the game, you can use a dead body instead of the car, but I had a hard time kicking the body. I mean, I didn’t have an issue with it- I just wasn’t very good at it. In fact, I wasn’t very good at the game I made up. Michael kicked my butt.

After that we started blowing each other up though, and I, surprisingly, did pretty good at that.

Zach Dotsey