I started the day by getting all my 2006 tax information together. I met with an accountant at the place where my boss, Scott Hendrix, does his accounting. (The people who give me my paycheck.) I figure what with having bought a house this year and working from home, it’d be the way to go.

Work was steady. It wasn’t as busy as some Mondays tend to be, but it kept me occupied. Scott’s back to helping out on maintenance issues, which is a huge relief. That’ll help us get back into the flow of things.

Michael and I went to see 300 at 5:30 at Mayfaire. I had left my brother Adam a message to give me a call, but I didn’t hear from him until 5:25 and by then he couldn’t get to the theater fast enough. I also called the Frazelles to see if Barry wanted to join us, but Anna said they had small group tonight.

I liked 300. Visually it was, well, stunning. There were a few shots that I thought were just breathtaking. You don’t go see a movie like this for the story, but it was a nicely male-affirmative flick, if that can be said about a bunch of men running around naked save for loincloths. And there was so much slo-mo that the movie would have probably had a hard time hitting the sixty minute mark were it all played in real time. But I liked it. Lots of action, some kick-ass battle scenes and just awesome visuals.

Amanda asked me to pick up some milk on the way home. We stopped at the Lowe’s Food on the corner and it took at least ten minutes. Everyone just happened to be shopping at 8:00 tonight I guess. The express lane moved like Amanda’s oft-quoted proverbial itch.

Once home Amanda and I watched Lost and Scrubs from last week. She went to bed after that. She didn’t think the time change yesterday would have much affect on her because she said she tend to wake up for a bit an hour before she needs to anyway, but she was certainly tired.

I watched last week’s Rome after that. I was really surprised by one of the people they killed off. After that I played some Gears of War with Michael and Chris. Our last match was a ranked match pitting the three of us against three other guys who were friends. They massacred us and I think we annoyed them.

Zach Dotsey