My little brother turned 24 today. He said he had a good day- his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, brought a cake to work for him and he got good work news from his boss. He’s doing really well at his job it seems.

Joel Freeman stopped by today. We had a late lunch then went out to the beach for a bit. It had been a long time since he had been to the beach, which he likes visiting. In fact, on the way back to my house he kept smelling his shirt to see if he had the smell of the beach on him still. Joel kept talking about the girl he’s dating. Sounds like he really likes her a lot.

I finished filling out my bracket. Last year I won the pool run by Chris Banks, and I hope to repeat that.

Amanda made chicken and pasta for dinner tonight. Amanda, Michael and I were watching Wheel of Fortune then Jeopardy after that. I cleaned out the first two categories of Jeopardy, but then Amanda and Michael got a few answers right and decided to keep score. They ended up tied at five apiece.

The bottom three on American Idol tonight were Brandon, Phil and Sanjaya. Brandon went home. Sanjaya escaped again- that kid has gotten really lucky. I think he’s been at the bottom every week so far. The kid needs to go home- he seems nice and sweet and all, but he sings so timidly and he looks awkward when he tries to move. Sucks for Brandon.

Zach Dotsey