I’m so upset. I’m so effin’ disappointed right now. Really. I just can’t express how… sigh.

So yeah, Duke lost tonight. In the NCAA tournament. In the first round. To a CAA team. Sure, everyone was talking about how what a good matchup VCU (that’s Virginia Commonwealth University) was against Duke, but still. I mean all, day there have been no upsets until now. None. And then Duke goes and loses to a team from a conference they haven’t lost to since the 1952-1953 season.

The Magic 8 Ball lied. It said Duke would “undoubtedly, indubitably” win. Hopefully it didn’t lie about Carolina not winning the tournament. I would be so upset. So terribly upset. I hate Carolina so much.

Michael Mercer, my Tar Heel brother-in-law, just asked if Carolina losing the game they’re playing right now (against 16 seed Eastern Kentucky) would make me feel better. I told him it would be worth Duke losing if Carolina was the first ever 1 seed to go down to a 16 seed during Carolina’s great woo hoo year.

Duke could have won. They lost by two after blowing a 13 point lead and a 10 point lead and missing 11 free throws and turning the ball over at least 17 times. But they lost, and I had to keep telling myself “What is, is,” which was much more calming than Amanda’s repeated insistence that “Duke lost that game- they lost that game.”

We had small group tonight, so I had recorded the game and caught up to the live viewing during the second half. I’d heard Michael, who was watching the game the whole time, shriek a high-pitched “What” a few times. At first I took that as a good sign, but then I realized that he wouldn’t care enough to do that unless the game was a close one.

Josh McRoberts and Greg Paulus both scored 20 or more.


So what else is up? Amanda told me to come upstairs because the news was about to run some sort of story about comic books. It was WRAL, a Raleigh station, so I figured it wouldn’t be the place I go to now- Fanboy Comics. I saw the caption saying Greensboro though, and next thing I know they’re showing the proprietor of the comic shop I went to when I went to UNCG: Parts Unknown. I used to walk to the place from campus. So that was kind of cool.

Carolina is playing like crap, according to Michael. Their nearly 30 point lead has dwindled to 15. No way they lose though. But man would I be orgasmic. Seriously, I would.

Roy Williams, the Tar Heel coach, lost his sister yesterday. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody and as much as I hate Carolina, my prayers go out to him and his family.

What else? I had a meeting today that went well. After that I met Amanda at J. Michael’s Philly Deli. She brought her co-workers Alison and Jennifer.  Heading out of there I stopped by Memory Lane Comics, over on Oleander, because I meant to pick up a long box.  I’ve only gone in there once or twice before, but the owner seemed like a really nice, sincere guy.

Joel Freeman just called. We commiserated over the game.

Jason Revill, my friend and fellow Duke fan, told me earlier today that in his bracket he had VCU winning over Duke, that it was win-win that way: If Duke lost his bracket did well, if Duke won, then Duke won. I hold him personally responsible for the loss.

Zach Dotsey