The weather across the state of North Carolina was dreary today as God mourned the end of Duke’s basketball season. I got a little ribbing from one of our clients. Nothing bad, he just opened up with some condolences. Later on in the evening, Dain Dulaney got a couple of shots in. He went to NC State I think, and Wake Forest, but for some reason he dislikes Duke more than he does Chapel Hill. All that, and he’s friends with Jay Bilas.

Jay Bilas, for anyone reading who does not know, is an ESPN sports analyst who played, and I think assistant coached, at Duke. He’s somewhat of a polarizing figure to Duke fans, as many believe that he goes overboard in trying not to show favoritism to his alma mater, which is also known as homering or being a homer. I have no real opinion on the issue one way or the other, but I tend to like listening to him or reading his stuff. For what it’s worth, Jay Bilas and I picked the same Final Four for this year’s NCAA tournament.

Anyway, the weather wasn’t as nice this morning but it ended up being pretty decent until it got dark, at which point it got cold again.

This week has been somewhat busy. I got a lot done sales-wise I think, but I’m a bit behind in the support area. I guess I’ll have to focus on that early next week. I was on the phone a lot today, mostly on conference calls that I had little to do with, but that ate up a lot of time. There was a lot of good basketball today too, but I didn’t get to pay a whole lot of attention to it until the end of the day. My bracket is doing alright at this point. I actually had all of one region picked correctly until Creighton lost a close game vto Nevada.

We went to dinner this evening at Anna and Barry Frazelle’s. Dain was there along with his kids Tripp and Anna Hawkins. Dain, for anyone who might read this and not know, was married to Kim, Amanda’s mom’s cousin who passed away.

At any rate when we got there a whole bunch of Hannah’s friends (all guys) were hanging out there. They all came and went, we ate and then we planned on watching Casino Royale. Michael, Dain and I, however, got caught up rooting for Virginia Tech to pull out a win over Illinois, which they did despite being down most of the game and missing a couple of dunks late in the game, not to mention two late game technicals fouls.

We ended up not watching Casino Royale though because it was getting late and Bruce had been home since 5:30 without the chance to go out and pee.

Hannah and Kirsten Frazelle were pretty entertaining. Somehow they got into a fight trying to mark each other with permanent marker. Hannah was winning when Anna, their mom, finally got them to stop, but Kirsten was unmarked whereas Hannah had a couple stripes on her cheek and a little mustache. A little later the phone rang and Hannah shouted out for it to not be answered, but Kirsten answered it anyway. I guess it was someone Hannah didn’t want to talk to. Afterwards Kirsten said she never heard Hannah say not to answer the phone, which she obviously had, since she ran into the room to pick up the phone after Hannah’s announcement.

We had a nice time visiting with everyone. We came back home and watched some more basketball. Well, Michael and I are watching basketball right now, where Amanda is in bed.

Oh, about the Carolina game last night. Eastern Kentucky went on a 30-8 run against them to come within four points, but Carolina ultimately outlasted them and won by seventeen or eighteen or something. It was respectable though, and as much as I tried not to get my hopes up, I was really hoping against hope that Carolina would be the first number one seed to lose to a sixteen seed. Alas, it was not to be.

Zach Dotsey