I didn’t think about wearing green at first today, as I wore my blue American Eagle shirt with the eagles on the shoulders. Fortunately Amanda remembered that the stitches are green. They’re hard to see but they’re there. For good measure I wore my green running jacket when Amanda and I went out to Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart where we got some groceries and Casino Royale. After that we went home to put away the groceries and let Bruce out.

After that we went back out to go to the mall. Anna and Barry Frazelle got me a gift card to Express for Men for my birthday and I planned on getting a few graphic tees, but I ended up getting a nice pair of seersucker pants and a shirt instead. It was a bit more than the gift card, but we chalked the difference plus Casino Royale as the rest of my birthday present. Before that we stopped in a few places for Amanda to look for some new work clothes, which she got from The Gap. She got some pants and some new shirts.

We went home after the mall, where I spent most of the day watching basketball with Michael. Lots of good, close games. At 6:00 we stopped by BoJangle’s to Michael and Krazy’s Pizza to grab a calzone and salad for myself and Amanda then we went on over to the Frazelle house to watch Tripp and Anna Hawkins while Dain went out to catch up with some friends. They were very well behaved. Anna spent most of the time watching TV and petting “Little Bruce” now and then (whom we brought along). Tripp was playing on Kirsten’s computer and would come in and check on whatever game was on at the time.

Anna and Barry got home around 10:30, but we stuck around to finish watching Carolina beat Michigan State. Michigan State hung with the Tar Heels for a pretty good stretch of the game but Carolina was too much for them down the stretch.

Michael went out with his friend Chris once we got back home. They were going to go downtown and check out some bars. Michael’s not much of a drinker but was just going to be social.

His Xbox 360 isn’t working, by the way. Last night when we were playing Gears of War the video went out. It’s not out completely, but when playing the game part of the games, not in the menu part, the screen turns all into lines. He found out today that it’s going to cost about $130 to get it fixed because it’s outside of its warranty. This is the second time his Xbox 360 has broken.

Zach Dotsey