My bracket is all but busted today. Only got nine of my Sweet 16 picks are still in. The good news about that is that of the busted picks, only one continues on to the Elite Eight. The unfortunate thing about that, for me personally anyway, is that Texas lost to USC today and Texas is who I chose to take out the Tar Heels. I don’t know enough about USC to know if I feel at all confident about them or not. The only comfort I’ve been taking so far is that Carolina has let teams hang with them that probably shouldn’t. If USC doesn’t take them out I’ll have to rely on Georgetown, and if Georgetown fails then I’m S.O.L. anyway, since they are my championship pick.

Kentucky lost to Kansas today, which wasn’t a huge surprise. I’d have liked to see them go through of course, even though it would have hurt my bracket some more.

Today started out like most Sundays in that we got up and went to church. Michael didn’t go today; he got in pretty late last night after going out downtown with his friend Chris for Saint Patty’s Day. After church though, Amanda and I went out to eat with Anna and Barry Frazelle. They came to the 8:30 service today because their daughter, Kirsten, was staying over at a friend’s house, and the kids’ service, Grow Zone, which Kirsten goes to, is the reason they usually go to the 10:30 service. After church we were going to meet them at the new Bear Rock Cafe across from Mayfaire, but the place didn’t open until 11:00, which I thought was odd for a restaurant like Bear Rock on a Sunday. So we just went across the street to Atlanta Bread Company. Anna and Barry had never been there for breakfast and talked about how much they liked it.

I wore my new pants and shirt today, although it was cold out so I wore a sweater over the shirt.

While we were at Atlanta Bread Company, my brother, Adam Dotsey, called to ask what we were up to. I record Rome on HBO every week, and while he and his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, were staying here back in January Adam got hooked on the show. Since they left, he’s come over every week to catch up. Well, he was two weeks behind, so I told him to go ahead and let himself in. I watched most of the first episode on the DVR and all of the second one with him.

While we were doing that I helped Amanda clear all the DVDs out of the hutch in the kitchen which we loaded into the trunk her parents gave her for Christmas from Pier One. Other than that we watched Lost and Saturday Night Live. SNL was just an okay episode, featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Not that she did bad or anything, it just wasn’t a terribly funny episode.

Right now I’m watching episodes of The Sopranos from last year.  They’ve been on the DVR since last May.  I just haven’t gotten around to watching all of them, although I did put a dent in them a few months ago.  I think I’ll finish them out tonight.

Zach Dotsey