Today wasn’t terribly eventful. I caught up on The Sopranos from last May last night, so there’s that I guess.

It was a good day at work, I think. I talked to a couple of people about some leads I feel pretty good about. Other than that I spent most of the morning on some support issues. This was one of those “didn’t take a shower until 5:30” days.

We had a really good dinner tonight. Amanda picked up a chicken. We also had green beans, baked beans and baked potatoes. We watched a bit of Seinfeld then I finished watching the penultimate episode of Rome, which I’d started watching before dinner.

So, Rome might be ending. I hope not- it’s definitely one of my favorite shows. Anyone who knows anything about Roman history (and the show) knows that Antony and Cleopatra will die in the next episode. I guess it’s fitting- Julius Caesar died at the end of the first season, so Marc Antony will die at the end of the second. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a third season, so maybe Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, the two main characters who are like brothers, set up on opposite sides going into the last episode, will kill each other. That’d be sad.

We then watched How I Met Your Mother. As that was coming on Amanda and Michael had a discussion about a foul committed the other day by Ohio State’s Greg Oden. The argument was that Greg Oden, in Amanda’s opinion, should have had at least as much of a penalty as Gerald Henderson for an action committed during a game when Ohio State almost lost.

Henderson, as many people recall, was suspended for a game for going up for a hard block against Tyler Hansbrough that ended up with a broken nose for Carolina’s golden boy. Most people (at least now) tend to think that Henderson didn’t mean to hurt Hansbrough. Foul, perhaps, but definitely not hit him. At the end of a game the other day against Xavier, Greg Oden pushed a guy out of bounds with both hands. He didn’t even act like he was going for the ball, and all that was called on him was a regular foul. If intent is what you penalize for, it seemed pretty obvious that Oden was being directly physical out of frustration whereas Henderson was going up to stop a basket. Michael and Amanda both agreed that each circumstance had a different intent, but Amanda was frustrated that there was no outcry whereas Michael thought it didn’t deserve any. I was on Amanda’s side, for the record. It doesn’t matter if the Xavier kid flopped or was off balance; Greg Oden shoved the guy without a pretense for going after the ball.

We also watched our CW shows- Smallville and Supernatural.  Supernatural is always a solid show I think, and the Sixth Sense twist to this one was nice.  Smallville, which is very up and down, was pretty good, I thought.  It was the wedding of Lana Lang and Lex Luthor.  Overall I thought it was a good episode in that Lana flipped things around on Clark.  Every season he ends up hurting her emotionally in an attempt to protect her, but in this episode she got to hurt him.

Zach Dotsey