I forgot to mention on Saturday that Amanda and I played a game of Scrabble. We started out neck and neck for a few rounds, then I pulled ahead, then she whooped my butt. She got three triple word scores, I got none. This came to mind when I was thinking about writing about Amanda and Michael playing Jeopardy this evening. I’m not allowed to play; I have to keep score. So far Amanda’s won two games (including tonight’s, mostly thanks to her sweeping a TV category) and they’ve tied once.

While we were watching Jeopardy the doorbell rang, and it was a guy from the local fire department doing a fundraiser. I was listening to him when Mooo! escaped out the front door, which sort of broke off his pitch. While Michael and I were trying to get her out from under my car I told Amanda to go grab him some money. She gave him a fiver, which I didn’t know. Before Mooo! interrupted him he’d said something about $35 donations, so I felt a little bad. I don’t know that I’d have given $35, but I’d have given more than $5.

Amanda picked up some chicken and stuffing and green beans for dinner. Then we watched/played Jeopardy and (watched only) How I Met Your Mother (a rerun) and this past week’s Saturday Night Live, featuring Peyton Manning. I thought he did a pretty good job. His acting was a bit flat here and there, but what else do you expect from a quarterback? No, he did a pretty good job, I thought.

Amanda went to bed and I watched the final episode of Rome. I hate that the show is ending. I mean, there’s so much more they could do, although it covered the really big historical stories from the time period. It ended somewhat like I thought it would.

A few days ago the guy who dons the Tar Heels mascot suit of Rameses was struck by a car while crossing the street while the team was in New Jersey for the NCAA tournament. Jason Ray is his name, and I heard today that he died. Thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. I may not like Carolina basketball, but from all accounts he was a good kid and you never want something like that to happen.

There was another fatality today from a person getting hit by a car. Last week near downtown a mother and daughter were crossing a street. The perpendicular light changed to green and a car sped around other cars that were waiting and hit them both. The girl died that day and the mother died today. Terrible things.

On a not so downer, Elliot and Melissa are dropping their dog, Bernie, by here for a few days while they’re out of town. It might be fun having two dogs around for a few days. He and Bruce can play.

Zach Dotsey