My mom called today. She meant to call my brother, Adam, to tell him to get his own car insurance now that he’s got a good job. My mom had some insurance trouble a few years ago in that her insurance company had dropped her without telling her despite the fact that she’d never had an accident. It turns out, which I didn’t know until today, that what broke the camel’s back was a speeding ticket I’d gotten (one of two). I remember that ticket- it was on Adam’s birthday and I got it on my way to a job interview. It was for Best Buy, and I guess that should have been a sign of things to come. It was odd, because I had my own insurance at that point, but for some reason I wasn’t totally separated from my parents’. I felt bad about that.

But that wasn’t the important thing about my mom’s call. She told me that my baby sister, Andra, and her finacee, Josh, were not going to be getting married and won’t be staying together. I don’t know all the details, but I know there’s a lot up in the air for them. I mean, they’ve got Jackson together of course, and they’ve got the house in both their names. It’s a messy situation, but from all I’ve been able to gather so far everyone is being open and fair about it all. I think it had something to do with Josh wanting more freedom or something. After Andra graduates she might move. She always talked about how she likes Wilmington, but she might go back to Durham. Selfishly, I hope she and Jackson move here.

Mom was quick to point out that she’s not mad at Josh or anything, and in fact she’s glad he made this decision before she and my dad started paying for the wedding. I mean, aside from that though, it’s good that they came to this before having been married for a few years or anything.

I called Andra thus evening but she was meeting with a study group and didn’t want to talk about anything and get emotional.
So, moving on, Sanjaya had some crazy hair tonight. He made a mohawk out of seven ponytails. The kid’s got balls for that alone. Actually, American Idol tonight was pretty good overall. I’m not sure who I think will end up going home this week. The theme was something to the effect of artists who influenced Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani was, of course, the mentor for the week. I liked the fact that she didn’t seem to sugarcoat all the advice she gave. She also didn’t seem to be wearing much makeup, so I didn’t totally recognize her.

Zach Dotsey