Today seemed to start off easily enough.  I even told Scott to send me a list of tickets he needed help with because I thought I was more than caught up.  Of course, the afternoon got pretty busy.  In fact, I was working until 7:00 on a nagging issue.

Amanda and I watched Friday Night Lights, a good solid show as always, and then the American Idol results show.  The bottom two were Gina and Haley and Gina went home.  It’s a shame, because she had one of her best performances last night and I think she had some potential as a rocker.  Haley’s got really long legs though.

Michael Buble was the guest performer.  He was shockingly awful.  He mumbled words, forgot plenty of his lyrics, giggled at times.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that he was drunk or not some sort of controlled substance.  It literally made me uncomfortable watching him.

Michael left today to go home for Easter weekend.  I’m not sure why he goes home so much.  I wish he’d stick around here and make more of an effort to get involved in things.

Zach Dotsey