When today started off I thought it was going to be a pretty easy one.  Afterall, tomorrow is Good Friday, which is the beginning of Easter break for a lot of people, right?  Well, instead it turns out that a lot of people wanted to get a lot of things done, and as a result the day was not as easy as I had thought it would be.  Alas.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, got here right around 5:00.  She came to help us out with her green thumbly advice tomorrow, as, should the weather not get too cold, I believe the plan is for us to do a good bit of outside work.  Of course, that’ll come after the work work I have to do, since I already know of a few things that need to be done tomorrow.  It’ll be one of those days that I’m really sure shouldn’t be too busy.  If nothing else I want to rake the rest of the leaves and mow the lawn.  Parts of it are starting to sprout up.

We had dinner at Applebee’s, Karen’s treat.  I had a quesadilla burger, which was quite good.  We came back home after that and watched South Park, which was one about the reason behind eggs and bunnies at Easter.  Amanda and Karen were pretty offended by parts of it, namely when Jesus showed up and had to die to get resurrected outside of the cell he was being held in.  I tried to explain to them that if you could look past that sort of thing there was actually a decent message about how the problem with religion is the people who try to twist it for their own purposes.  To move past that whole thing we watched The Office.  It was good as always, but it had some more serious overtones.

After all that we flipped around the tellie and, not finding anything else, I settled on a History Channel show about the Ten Commandments, which we all sort of half-watched while we talked about things.  I was getting tired, but then getting up and moving around, putting Bruce out to pee and all woke me back up a bit, so here I am.

Zach Dotsey