Today was pretty much a typical Saturday.  The irony of course being that today was not a Saturday, but it was in fact a Friday.  Amanda actually got up before me to let Bruce out.  I remember him jumping off the bed around 7:00, after a few times throughout the night of him doing that then wanting back up, but running under the bed or backing away when you go to get him.  I don’t know if it’s a game he likes to play or what, but it sucks when you’re trying to sleep and he’s pulling on the covers with his teeth but then won’t get in bed.

Anyway, when he was doing that around 7:00, I said, “I’m not getting him,” so Amanda got up and couldn’t get back to sleep so she went downstairs to watch TV.  I got up sometime in the 8:00 hour and did a few things for work before taking a shower and heading off with Amanda and Karen to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  We had a waitress that we’ve had a couple times before.  I think she is from Romania, somewhere around there.  She’s real nice, and Karen talked to her a lot.

After breakfast I was dropped off at the house to do a little more work (very light stuff) while Amanda and Karen went to Lowe’s to pick up some plants.  It was a bit chilly outside and there’s even a frost warning for tonight (Amanda and I later covered a bunch of our plants outside with plastic bags and pine straw) so I didn’t mow or finish the leaves as I’d planned.  Instead I spent some time taking stock of all the comic books I’ve accumulated over the years.

I have 17 long boxes full.  I’m not sure how many go into a single long box, but it’s a hefty number to be sure.  I’ve got more than thirteen years worth of the things stored in a crawlspace.  Maybe one day, after I’ve taken stock of them all, I’ll look into the value of the collection.  A lot of them I got for a quarter each at conventions and stuff.

I’m such a dork.

After Karen left Amanda and I caught up on Lost and Law & Order: SVU then watched the last half of King Kong.  All in all a day well-spent in remembrance of the death of our lord  and savior Jesus Christ.

Zach Dotsey