Today was not a fully typical Saturday. We got up and went to Saltworks over on Wrightsville Avenue. Ha! I had to think about the name of Wrightsville Avenue because I was thinking of Walker Avenue, which is a street in Greensboro that it reminds me of somewhat. Anyway, we ate there then went to Wal-Mart and came on home.

We saw the pastor of our church, Mike Ashcraft, at Wal-Mart.  He was talking to somebody so  Ijust waved and said, “Hey Mike.”  I think we’re at the point where he recognizes me but he probably doesn’t know my name.  Considering half of Wilmington goes to Port City Community Church, it’s not an offensive thing at all.  One thing I really like about Mike is that he never acts put out when someone comes to talk to him when he’s out and about.  He always gives you as much attention as he can and he is always friendly and humble.  It’s a pretty cool thing considering he’s like a rock star here in town.
Amanda, as she often is this time of month, was in a mood to do a bunch of cleaning. She’d seen on some show or another something about a woman who had a bunch of home-made, apparently effective, cleaning solutions, so Amanda tried some of that. I suppose it all worked fine. During that, Amanda had it in mind to clean up the bookcases in my office.

See, when my brother, Adam Dotsey, moved out to San Diego for a while, he left a goodly quantity of books here, and I filled up the majority of my two smallish bookcases with his books. We repacked all of his books into a box and I reorganized all of mine back in their place. Along with that I did some other general cleanup there in my office, and while my desk it still a bit cluttered, the room as a whole looks much nicer now.

After all of that I played some Medieval 2: Total War while Amanda watched some On Demand music videos and such. I joined her to watch some TV later and flipping around, she decided to watch The lake House on HBO, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I have to admit that it wasn’t too bad for what I expected. Of course it was based on a French film, following the current Hollywood trend of remaking foreign films, and it was pretty predictable (Amanda and I both saw the big surprise way before it came about), but all in all I thought the concept was interesting, although they should have played up a bit more skepticism.

Zach Dotsey