Today was not a very busy work day. Not much else to say about that. Michael and I went to see Grindhouse, the double feature by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Both films were quite good. Planet Terror, the first one (by Robert Rodriguez) was more of a non-stop action flick that kept you engrossed. Amanda and I have this thing where she’ll turn on some cheesy-bad Sci-Fi Channel movie and we’ll go ahead and predict the plot based on the cliches followed by all such movies. Planet Terror was one such movie, but it did it with full self-awareness of what it was doing, plus it had over-the-top gore and explosions, so that made it all okay. Tarantino’s contribution, Death Proof, was a slower build, characterized by his trademark dialog and was more of a stalker flick. The car chase was full of tension. It was very well-timed too, playing with your expectations.

When we got home Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother, a new episode. Michael had downloaded an update for Gears of War, still playing it with his hard drive on my Xbox 360. I have yet to download it myself, but I was a bit tired tonight and didn’t much feel like playing it anyway. The addition apparently makes some game tweaks, but the biggest thing is that it adds a new multiplayer game mode where your team gets points for occupying areas in the level for certain lengths of time.

We all watched Planet Earth, a Discovery HD program. I recorded this one last night along with the one we watched last night. It was about whales and sharks and penguins and seals and some other underwater creatures.

After Planet Earth Michael went back to playing Gears of War while Amanda and I watched last week’s Scrubs, where they killed off Laverne, the head nurse. I was pretty surprised that they did that. Amanda went on to bed and I watched 30 Rock. That show’s got so many solid funny lines in it. Amanda would really like it if she started watching it, I think. But then, we watch so much TV already.

I think tomorrow at lunch I’ll watch last night’s first episode of the final season of The Sopranos.

Zach Dotsey