Not a whole heck of a lot to report on today. My favorite Duke basketball message board has by now moved onto the dispassionate (for me) subject of Duke football. I’d like to care, I would. I mean, I remember going to plenty of Duke football games when I was younger. I even got into a small fight (barely a skirmish really, if you could even call it a tussle, but I always count it in my won fights column) during halftime at a game.

Allow me to diverge from my pointless ramblings to extrapolate. I was at a game with Stephen Dunn, a buddy of mine, in probably eighth or ninth grade. We saw a couple of other guys we knew; Mike Cox and Mike Nicholson, so at halftime we went to a nearby field and played a little football ourselves. We were playing tackle, and I tackled Mike Nicholson, all fair and square like. So I put out my hand to help him up and for some reason he decided to punch me in the stomach. Well, being the scapper that I am I grabbed him by the hair (he was still kneeling, or at least not fully up at this point) and fell on him with a headlock until Steve and the other Mike pulled me off of him and separated us.

I still have no idea why he did that. Mike Nicholson, who went to Northern High School in Durham, NC and lived in Bahama, if you ever happen to stumble across this page send me a message and let me know why you did that. I mean, we were playing tackle, you had the ball so I tackled you. Was it because I was pretty small and I was able to take you down? You and I weren’t friends or anything, but I don’t think I ever did anything to piss you off, did I?

So anyway, not a lot going on today. I met Amanda for lunch. We were going to go to Bear Rock at Independence Mall because I didn’t feel like J. Michael’s and my lovely wife didn’t feel like Chick-Fil-A. When I got to the mall though, standing outside of Bear Rock, I decided Ruby Tuesday smelled really good, so we went there instead.

American Idol wasn’t a great night tonight. The theme was Latin music and the guest or mentor or whatever was Jennifer Lopez. It’s not that anyone did particularly bad- in fact tonight was probably the most even they’ve had so far, but the music was somewhat boring for the most part. It could be that I’m just not a huge fan of Latin music, but I think Simon’s comments lent some credence to my opinion. I will say this though: Sanjaya was actually decent tonight. My prediction is that Phil Stacey or Haley “Legs” Scarnato will be going home.

We started to watch House but Amanda was tired. After she went to bed I watched the final season season premiere of The Sopranos. My friend Jason Revill had told me he wasn’t impressed with them opening the final season with a show focusing on such a small group of people, but I thought it was a pretty good one. The show had Tony and Carmela Soprano spending some time with Tony’s sister Janice and her husband Bobby, who works for Tony. While they’re all sitting around getting drunk and playing Monopoly, Bobby gets tired of the way Tony is talking about Janice and they get into a fight with Bobby giving it to Tony pretty good. What I liked about it was what a vindictive crybaby it showed Tony to be. I really liked the way he got back at Bobby.

After that I watched Entourage.  I’ve always liked the show, but never bothered to record it so I really haven’t seen a whole lot of it.  After watching that Michael loaded his Xbox Live profile onto my Xbox 360 hard drive and we played the new Gears of War game type: Annex.  It was really tough when you’re outnumbered, but when the teams are even it’s a pretty fun way to play.  We had a pretty good group of players that stuck with us for a bit too, which made it that much better.

Zach Dotsey