I talked to my mom for a bit first thing today. Nothing major, she was just calling to update a bunch of information in her phone. She got all of my and Amanda’s numbers, Amanda’s parents’ numbers and Anna and Barry’s home number. After I talked to her I headed out to The Connection to work for a bit. Tim Henrich just got back in town, so we discussed a few projects and such and got caught up on work.

I sent off tax money today. Well, I wrote the check and got the envelope ready to send at least. I figured up how much money we’d have after all the bills clear, and it’s such a relief that we’ll be getting back on track.

I forgot to mention this the other day, but one of our clients just moved here to Wilmington. I talked to her as she was driving down with the kids and all and we got to discussing church. She said her husband had heard of, long story short, Port City Community Church and that they were going to check it out so I said I’d keep an eye out for them. I didn’t see them (not that I knew what anybody looked like, but I figured I could spot them out of the hundreds of people there), but I found out today they ended up going to a later service.

My brother-in-law, Michael Mercer, was working on a resume today. He took a break from that to watch Friday Night Lights with me and Amanda. It was a good one, the season, possibly series finale. The show is a critical success, but I think so many people think it’s just about football that. Anyway, in this episode the Dillon Panthers face their one-time teammate Voodoo and his new team in the state championship. Okay, I promise, it’s not only about football.

The American Idol results show was an hour long tonight. I said at the beginning of it that I didn’t care about the first 55 minutes and proved it by reading 1776 during most of it. Haley Scarnato went home tonight. Michael walked through the living room just after the show and I was about to tell him these exact words: “Legs went home tonight.” But before I could, Amanda annnounced, “Legs went home tonight.” The girl does have some nice legs. The sad thing about her going home is that there aren’t any particularly pretty girls left. Melinda has no neck; LaKisha, well, momma’s a big girl, which is fine, but something about her mouth or her lips just really bothers me; Jordin isn’t bad, but I don’t think she’s someone who’d make you give a second look at passing on the street aside from the fact that she’s pretty tall. She’s pretty enough I suppose, but she’s not Haley. Of course, none of them is Antonella Barba.

By the way, I meant to mention last night that Amanda and I thought the guys as a whole outsang or at least outperformed the girls last night.

When we were watching House (earlier in the evening) a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman came by. He was good, cheery and all like a door to door guy needs to be, and he overturned a couple of my negatives, but I was able to point inside at the hardwood floors which really helped my cause.

After Amanda went to bed I caught up on two episodes of Boston Legal. I really like the friendship between Alan Shore and Denny Crane. They just make you feel like you need to have a friend like they are to each other.

Zach Dotsey