Amanda Dotsey, Tsota, Bruce, Renee Sikes and Adam Dotsey at Hugh McRae Park in Wilmington, NC | Zach DotseyI noticed this morning that our tax payment has come out. Good thing I get paid in a couple of days. We’ve got a lot of birthdays and other events coming up.

We got up and went to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church. Last week our church started satellite services (well, they’re delayed one week- shown a tape of the previous week’s message from the Roland-Grise services, but still with live music) at Mayfaire Cinemas, a movie theater. There were about 400 to 450 people at those two services, so, as a video package pointed out, our church has gone to five weekly services. That’s nuts.

Amanda and I ate at Salt Works II afterwards. We were going to see if Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson wanted to go, but they had other plans as today is their one year anniversary. After breakfast we went to Pier One to pick up the stuff Amanda was going to pick up yesterday for “Administrative Professionals Day”. It wasn’t opened when we got there though, so we went to Borders and looked at a couple of Bible study books. We got a couple then went over to Pier One. Actually, Amanda went in there, I started reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.

Amanda got her gifts then we went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. We went on home after that. I fiddled with my hammock, finally getting it to a good stretch and height, but now one of the ropes is rubbing against a tree and I’m afraid if I leave it there it’ll fray after a while.

My brother, Adam Dotsey, had called earlier to tell us that he and his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, were planning on going to a park with their coati mundi, Tsota, after Renee went around to drop some applications off at a few places. We waited until Adam called me to say they were ready to head out, packed up a lunch, grabbed Bruce and headed out. We had to stop by Hallmark for a minute then went on out to Hugh McRae park. We all ate then walked around for a bit.

Amanda carrying Bruce, who is tired from walking around Hugh McRae Park | Zach DotseyWalking around with a South American raccoon jungle monkey, you tend to get asked one question a lot: “What is that?” Adam’s usual answer about Tsota is something to the effect of her being related to a raccoon, followed by a warning that she’ll bite. Walking around with Bruce, Adam had the idea of answering, “It’s a Chihuahua.” I told him he should tell people that Tsota is a Tasmanian devil. A couple people actually knew what she was though, and Adam had real conversations with those people.

After the walk we went back to the pond where we ate lunch and just sat for a little while. Amanda noticed a small Chihuahua colored similarly to Bruce across the bridge, so I went over and talked to the lady with him. Her Chihuahua, Buster, was six months old and was pretty playful when he met Bruce. Unfortunately Bruce wasn’t too interested. It would have been cute if they’d played together.

We left a little after that. Amanda decided she wasnted an ice mocha or some such from Starbucks, so I grabbed a smoothie from Smoothie King in the same shopping center. It had raspberry, orange and banana in it. We pulled up to the house to find that Michael Mercer, my live-in brother-in-law, had returned. He was watching the Lakers blow a lead and lose to the Suns.

Amanda talked to Trisha on the way home. She and Mike weren’t able to come by the house today, so we’ve got three full azalea bushes in front of one side of the house and stumps or nothing in front of the rest. It looks awful, and I really hope they can come get them before next weekend.

I dozed off for a bit. Amanda, I am proud to say, started reading The Case for Christ. I say I’m proud because she is not a big fan of reading anything that is not a magazine. She got through the introduction and the first chapter and enjoyed the read. The rest of the evening we just spent relaxing.

Amanda and I watched an episode of Planet Earth before she went to bed. That show is so amazing. It’s so beautiful. The one we watched tonight was about fresh water environments. The images of some of the waterfalls they captured were just amazing, and the extreme slow motion capture of Nile River crocodiles snapping up wildebeests is both horrifying and, I don’t know, almost poetic.

Zach Dotsey