I spent a little time last night outlining an idea for a website.  Like the other one that’s been worked on but is currently on hiatus, I think it could be a good thing.
Today was a moderately busy day.  Scott Hendrix, my boss, was in town today.  I assume his wife, Anne Marie, was off and they decided to come down here and go to the beach, and since they drove separately he met with me this afternoon to discuss some things.  Nothing bad, mostly just talk of ideas about restructuring the company some.

Adam called me today to give me his new work cell phone number and to tell me he’d gotten a Blackberry.  I’m a little jealous to be honest.  If I had one of those I could work literally anywhere.  I picture myself sitting out at the beach answering e-mails and such.  It’s okay though- I’ll hopefully be getting an iPhone at some point.  When I told Scott at our meeting that my brother had gotten a Blackberry, he made sure to ask if I told him I’d probably be getting an iPhone, so that’s promising.  I just want some sort of mobile phone that gives me easy access to e-mail and the web.
Michael went to the beach today too for a little bit.  He was meeting some friends there.  He also got his application for Starbucks today.

Amanda read some more of The Case for Christ.  She’s a chapter ahead of me.  It’s really nice to see her interested in reading something.  I remember early on, back when we hadn’t been dating for too long yet, Amanda and I went to one of the bookshops at Crabtree Valley Mall and we both got a book.  I think I got a Robert Jordan Wheel of Time book, as I was making my way through that series at the time, and she got a Nicholas Sparks book.  I think she started it, but she never finished it.

We watched How I Met Your Mother.  It was one of Amanda’s favorite episodes, featuring not only Robin Sparkles in Let’s Go to the Mall, but also the slap bet.  Amanda loves the slap bet because it’s something that happened in one episode that’s been carried through into at least one other so far.  It’s nice to have recurring jokes.

After that we flipped around a bit.  Honestly I can’t really remember what we watched, but I finished the first chapter in The Case for Christ.  It’s a good read so far.  Just as I was finishing the chapter a new episode of Heroes, which hasn’t shown a new episode in a while, came on.  It was a pretty good one with a showdown between Sylar and Peter Petrelli, the death of Isaac and a few other nice twists.  It also had some background information about people with superpowers having been around for a while and showed that Linderman is a classic “do something really evil for the greater good” type of villain.

The only complaint I had about tonight’s episode of Heroes was that Peter’s resurrection could be seen coming from about 100 miles away.  I guess it wasn’t supposed to be a big shocker that he wasn’t going to stay dead, but still.  And I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, which takes place five years in the future.  What a show.

There was a very large rush fire, apparently in the Hampstead area, today.  Amanda and I both saw the smoke while driving up Murrayville Road on the way home from work.  The smoke wasn’t dark, but it was massive.  Neither one of us knew what it was until we saw a blurb about it on a news commercial.

Classes resumed today at Virginia Tech, following the massacre a week ago.  Nothing big to report there I think, just a thing to note.

Zach Dotsey