Directing at Port City Community Church was a blast today. I had a really excellent team of camera people and some good songs. The last one I liked in particular, From the Inside Out, is a really good song and I think each service we got better at it. I used a lot of quicker cuts during the rocking out part and it felt really good. It really was an all-star camera crew.
I was pretty tired when I got home. I wasn’t sure why exactly, as I’d had a good amount of sleep the past two nights, but I guess it was from being on my feet all day the day before. During the last two services I kept doing the head-droop-snap-back-up thing a few times, which is no measure to the sermon- it was a good one. The control room is just dark and cool and, on top of being tired anyway it was just tough.

Anyway, when I got back home I talked to Amanda and Michael for a bit then put my hammock back up and tried to nap for a bit. (I took it down Friday because it was supposed to rain late in the day or early Saturday, but the weather was beautiful.) I didn’t get too much sleep though. I woke up once because I sensed Michael and Amanda right in front of me about to do something mischievous, then Amanda kept coming up and asking when I was going to dig up the rest of the azaleas.

Finally around 4:00 I got up and started digging them up. I had to change my tactics a bit because I heard the shovel snap a bit. It didn’t break, but I had to be more careful with it. I was tired of it after the second one so I called it a day with that. I went upstairs to go over Greg and Stephanie Zugrave’s wedding pictures then I got in the tub. I thought it’d be nice and relaxing to sit in the tub and read, so I started on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which started off quite a bit differently from the other books.

A few minutes after I’d gotten in Amanda came up to tell me that Mike, the husband of her co-worker Trish had finally come to dig up the three azalea bushes we hadn’t chopped down to stumps yet. He and his friend got them up really fast. In my defense there were two of them, they both had shovels and they’d worked at landscaping before.

We watched a bit of television, including an episode of Planet Earth about caves. The last one they showed looked like it was from another planet. Actually, and Amanda had thought this and figured I’d think it too, some of it looked like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.  We also watched the last two episodes of Lost.
I was going to go on to bed, but I ended up working on the wedding pictures some more, culling out the bad shots and sorting them into different categories. I ended up having taken nearly 1000 pictures and cut it down to about 750. I’m so glad I learned how to do Photoshop Actions and batch automating them.

Zach Dotsey