Today was very much a sales day.  I met with a client early then made a bunch of calls and e-mails, worked on a couple of project scopes.  That was my full day, with the exception of two support issues.  My boss, Scott Hendrix, was helpful today.  I called him up early and told him I’d be working sales stuff all day and wanted to know if he’d be able to take a look at support issues for me as they came in.

My meeting was at The Connection.  I’d have stayed up there longer than I did but their internet connection went out, making it difficult to keep working.  I wasn’t the only one having trouble, so it was definitely them.  They tend to have some trouble around noon every day it seems.  Well, not every day, but often at least.

On the health side of things, Amanda’s getting around on her sprained ankle pretty well and the sore I had is gone, along with the corresponding ache in my gums.

Going back to work topics, we’ve had a sudden deluge of sales leads lately.  There were three just over the weekend, plus a few people last week who filled out our web design quote form and three or four people who just called in.

Amanda, knowing how busy I was with work today, called Michael and asked him to put a Stouffer’s lasagna in the oven, so we had that and salad for dinner.  While it was baking Michael and I tossed the football around.  A few dogs (and their owners) congregated at one driveway, and Amanda had just brought Bruce out so I took him down there to play with a bunch of labs or some mixes thereof.  Bruce didn’t play much- he mostly just walked around sniffing and being sniffed.

After dinner Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother and last week’s Scrubs then Heroes.  I really liked Heroes- it took place five years in the future and answered a number of questions.  They also killed off several main characters, but, since it was a What If? it didn’t count.

I explained to Amanda as it was coming on that Marvel Comics had a title called What If? which was about stories that had happened in regular continuity, but they shift the story a bit and see where it goes.  The nice but also annoying thing about it is that it gives them a chance to change the story and do cool, radical things without having to worry about the consequences.

Amanda went to bed and I caught up on the weekend’s shows that Amanda doesn’t watch: Robin Hood, Entourage and The Sopranos.  I also watched last week’s 30 Rock.

Michael went out with the girl he went to dinner with the other night.  They went to see Disturbia.

Zach Dotsey