three-Year Anniversary Roses for Amanda Dotsey | Zach DotseyAnd what an exciting day it was. Really there wasn’t a whole lot to it. I picked up some roses for Amanda and delivered them during lunch. I called to see if she’d gone out so I could just leave them on her desk as a surprise, but she had eaten in today. When I walked downstairs to where her departments cubicles are she was walking out of an office and she saw me just as I finished coming down the steps. She was pleasantly surprised. I got a vase of a dozen pink and red roses.

Work was work.

Amanda kept asking what we were doing tonight for dinner but I wouldn’t tell her. Anytime she asked a question I gave her as non-committal an answer as I could, but I ended up telling her that I was taking her to Olive Garden after we got about halfway there. Actually, we weren’t even that far; it was after we’d turned onto College from Murrayville.

It’s not that Olive Garden is a particularly special place or anything. We just got one here in Wilmington though, and I knew Amanda had been wanting to go there so I thought it’d be nice. When we got there we were told there was a 25 minute wait, which surprised me because it has been open for probably a month now. It didn’t take quite that long for us to get seated though.

Amanda had manicotti (no surprise there) and I had chicken Parmesan (another shocker) and we each had a glass of wine. We told the waitress it was our anniversary and she gave us a white chocolate cheesecake. We were too full to eat it there, but we did eat it at home and it was delicious.

After we got home we watched American Idol. Tonight was Bon Jovi songs and I thought it was all-round a pretty solid night. Blake did some crazy mix things with You Give Love a Bad Name. I didn’t want to like it, but it was very different and entertaining. Melinda, whom I didn’t think would be able to do much with a rock song, did really well with a newer song I’d never heard before. I thought, and Randy and Simon both mentioned it after she sang, that there was a Tina Turner-esque quality to it.

After that we watched House. Well, Amanda watched House while I dozed off and on. Anniversary stuff then Amanda went to bed. I stayed up a little reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I think it’s a really good one so far. It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of the other books, so I can’t fully recall enough to compare, but I do like how everything gets older as the books progress.

And that was the three-year anniversary of Zach and Amanda Dotsey.

Zach Dotsey