Work, as it has been, was pretty busy today.  I often face the problem that one side of my job, sales or support, is really busy.  Sometimes only one is busy, which keeps things going at a comfortable pace.  Other times neither is busy (this is rare) and sometimes both are busy.  Right now sales is the busy side, which is a good problem to have, but support is creeping up on it.

After work today, since it was nice, I decided to go sit out on the hammock and read.  That was enjoyable.  When I went outside for that Bruce followed right behind me, apparently excited to sit up in the hammock with me.  At least for a little while; after a few minutes he jumped down and went to sit in a patch of sun in the grass.  Amanda came home and came out to talk to me and  I went back inside after a while.

Not too much going on tonight.  We caught up on CSI: Miami, which, by this point I think I’m mostly just watching out of habit then we watched Supernatural, as always, one of the most under-rated shows on TV.  By the time we finished that tonight’s American Idol had been on for a bit.  We caught up with the live show within half an hour.

Ryan Seacrest, as Amanda pointed out, was rather snarky tonight.  He made a number of comments like at the beginning when he mentioned it being an hour-long show tonight that there wouldn’t be any fluff.  Then he looked at the camera and promised that in a very sarcastic manner.  I like when he makes fun of himself and the show.

Phil and Chris went home tonight.  It’s a shame- I thought Phil had had a good past two weeks, but I guess at this point it’s more about ability than likability.  I think Phil had a good bit of heart- he had always seemed to be one of the first to console people when they were voted off.  During his last song (Blaze of Glory, which I’ve always liked) he went and sang with some of his friends who were there as well as his wife.  He just seemed like a nice guy, if a bit of a kiss-ass at times.

Chris wasn’t a huge surprise either judging from the ones that were left.  Amanda was disappointed that she never got to hear him do a Justin Timberlake song, but so it goes.  So that leaves Blake, Melinda, Jordin and LaKisha.  My guess is that it will come down to Blake and Melinda.  Melinda should win the whole competition as she’s by far the most consistently talented person on the show.  Of course she came into it as a professional backup singer.

I played a few rounds of Gears of War tonight, but I didn’t play too long because nobody I really knew was on, and it’s much more fun playing when you’ve got friends on there with you.

Zach Dotsey